Session Testimonials

Feedback from our awareness sessions is very important to us. Please read our latest feedback below.

Theresa Stephens
"I have a better undestanding of dementia.......very informative"
September 2021
Pat Evans
"More knowledge about how to treat people with dementia"
September 2021
Jayne White
"An understanding of dementia and different ways to help people I care for with dementia....a wider awareness of dementia in the community and acceptance of"
September 2021
Colin White
"Understanding & knowledge to give help if needed"
September 2021
Candice White
"Learned support....eye opener / raw but real life"
September 2021
Ruth Saunders
"Learned how dementia affects people in different ways & how to potentially deal with the situation........very informative whether you have awareness of dementia or not"
September 2021
Sophie White
"A better understanding of the types of dementia....... great to spread awareness"
September 2021
Harry Tangye
"Some wonderful advice and coping mechanisms.....some expert advice and experience shared. Kowledge is power!"
September 2021
Tina White
"Very informative, Lynn was very supportive and listened....learnt a lot more about dementia awareness, very informal but relaxed, thank you.
September 2021
Rosie Rilstone
"An informative imsight into the world of dementia....thought provoking, dementia awareness can change the lives of all people affected by it"
September 2021
Kelly-anne Smith
"Learned how to best deal with people with dementia to ensure they are living their best possible life....."
September 2021
Elaine Monckton
"A little insight into dementia and what to look out for...recommend in order to get as many people aware of the symptoms of dementia. It is a very interesting and enjoyable session and Lynn is very easy to listen to.
September 2021
James Brindley
"Confirming what I thought already, and the help that's out's very important for people who have a loved one who has dementia"
September 2021
Jane Allen
"Really good open forum. Related to all that was said....."
December 0022
Helen Gardner
Something for everyone no matter what your situation. Very personal session and emotionally authentic, moving but also practical and helpful.
November 0022