Session Testimonials

Feedback from our awareness sessions is very important to us. Please read our latest feedback below.

Judith May
Thought provoking, absolutely brilliant, the realisation of dementia was presented so clearly.
August 2023
Lauren Baker
I learnt so much about how to communicate with anyone with dementia.
August 2023
It is amazing what we don't know, how our actions make all the difference to a person with dementia.
August 2023
Lewis Edwards
I gained more understanding into dementia, that there is more than one type and that it affects everyone differently.
August 2023
Chris Hyde
Makes you more aware of dementia and how to make people more comfortable when dealing with dementia.
August 2023
Dan Warrington
A greater understanding of dementia
August 2023
Darren Jeffrey
I took away from the session not to put things off, we don't know what happens tomorrow.
August 2023
Tim Shwalbe
I certainly gained a greater understanding of what dementia is and how to be with a sufferer.
August 2023
Deb Smart
That is not an age 'disease', there are different types of dementia and how to put yourself in their world.
August 2023
Laura Grieb
I had no experience/knowledge of dementia and this session has really helped me to understand the illness.
August 2023
Spencer Bough
Different types of dementia and it is not just old people who get it.
August 2023
Ben Jarrold
I learned about how many different types of dementia there are and good ways to help people with dementia.
August 2023
Sean Sullivan
Human beings don't stop being human beings when they suffer from dementia, human dignity comes in many forms - by raising awareness we can work towards upholding human dignity.
August 2023
I learnt how many types of dementia there are and helpful information on how to look after and care for those the right way.
August 2023
Lyn Cullen
What did you get from the session: hope
July 2023