Session Testimonials

Feedback from our awareness sessions is very important to us. Please read our latest feedback below.

Diana Peters
1st hand experience from Lynn gave me a lot of understanding.
June 2023
Laura Lockett
We got first hand, real life experience and how to remain calm and allow a happy life despite dementia.
May 2023
Kirsten Kypridemou
Learnt not to use the word 'remember' with people living with a dementia diagnosis
May 2023
Lisa Bundfuss
Confirmation and confidence to continue caring, given lots of tips.
May 2023
"Loads of information. Some new and some reaffirming some experiences"
April 2023
Katrina Brock
"Ideas how to handle certain things"
April 2023
Jan Hynes
"A better understanding of dementia from the perspective of the individual and how to support them"
April 2023
Rachael Ash
"Everyone should take this course - it can affect all!"
April 2023
Benn Ash
"I get from it that it's more than just being forgetful.....the more people that know more facts, the more we can help"
April 2023
Sarah Terry
"Further info re dementia and impact on families.... I think everyone should have knowledge of the impact on carers ......."
April 2023
Antonia Tangye
"You won't feel alone. Tremendous support that I could have done with 2 or 3 years ago! Will recommend...."
April 2023
Shirley Treadwell
"Learnt a lot, how to spot someone and how to interact with them and how to get help....."
April 2023
Mitch' Almond
"Expanding my knowledge on how to deal & look out for signs...."
April 2023
"I would say that I learned more how to deal with people with dementia...."
April 2023
Emma Holland
"We should all know...."
April 2023