Session Testimonials

Feedback from our awareness sessions is very important to us. Please read our latest feedback below.

Matt Day
"A lot of useful information and now understand dementia a little better..... all people should have a better understanding of dementia and what to do if you encounter someone with it"
March 2022
"A different insight into dementia...beacuse the lady who was talking was very informing and engaging"
February 2022
"Very informative...."
February 2022
Daniel Pearce
"Refresh of knowledge and gain new knowledge....very informative and able to audience attention. Highly recommend"
February 2022
Beth Pearce
"Real life experience helped gain a better understanding....very informative & engaging"
February 2022
Heather Broderick
"It made me more aware of how you treat a person with dementia and how to approach the different makes you aware to treat them as an individual person"
February 2022
F. Byrne
"An awareness/info I didn't know....."
February 2022
C. Holland
"A more detailed understanding of dementia.... I will find it very benefitial working in the hospitality business to help anyone a may come across...."
February 2022
Victor Williams
"..........more understanding of dementia & more importantly how to interact with sufferers....provided aditional skills for helping those that I might encounter who have dementia"
February 2022
Lynne Lord
"Comfirmation of what I'm doing right and what I'm doiung wrong....more people need to be aware"
February 2022
Gillian Bray
"A great insight into dementia, clearer understanding of this cruel worthwhile, creating a safe environment & good understanding for both/all parties involved"
February 2022
Jo Hawken
"What a lovely group. A lovely variety of input/knowledge..... we all nee to learn that dementia will affect us all"
February 2022
Lesley Jackman
"A deeper insight into dementia.....for people who have very little awareness this would be very helpful to them"
February 2022
Sonya Morris
"A better understanding of dealing with rationalising of behaviour....More people need awareness of dementia as you never know when you will be in contact with a dementia sufferer"
January 2022
Chris Dent
"Today was a refresher session, accompanying my mother....this session is very informative to someone new to dealing with a parent with dementia"
January 2022