Session Testimonials

Feedback from our awareness sessions is very important to us. Please read our latest feedback below.

Janet Dent
"Some very good info for my husband & also for myself..... so very much common sense & down to earth"
January 2022
Joey Cope
"A good knowledge of dementia that I didn't have.........very informative and personal which is great for giving awareness"
January 2022
Freya-Jade Cope
"Good knowledge/information. Good session.......Kind and clear delivery of session. All questions answered, personal experiences helped"
January 2022
Debbie Allen
"Really insightful and very thought provoking. Delivery excellent and very relaxed & friendly.........learnt a lot from the session. Thank you."
January 2022
Kez Cunliffe
"An informative (if scary) look into the illness I didn't know much abouit....helps to spread awareness in the community"
January 2022
Kieran Chudliegh
"Good to handle a dementia situation"
January 2022
Lauren Watson
"Lots more information on dementia & ways to help those close to me"
January 2022
Annie Parker
"Handy tips on how to deal with dementia patients in a safe manor....everyone need to be more aware and help in the community"
January 2022
Rosie Hogg
"Financial & admin advice and handy tips to help approaching individuals with dementia.....thank you!"
January 2022
Josh Mares
"How to talk to people with dementia and spot symptoms. Was very good ....very informative & factual"
January 2022
"Lynn is so welcoming and informative"
January 2022
Nicky Barnes
"So much information and Lynn was really good....I would like to recommend this to my Aunt & cousins who are currently caring for my Uncle"
January 2022
Connor Mackay
"I have experienced 14 years of someone with dementia, helped me feel supported....gets to you at a good personal level, very informative"
January 2022
Hannah Tudbury
"In-depth awareness of dementia + understanding of lesser know sypmtoms / how to make those living with the disease a little more comfortable.... a personal session with real life examples & references, real people that understand and care"
January 2022
H Freeman
"Information on dementia & how to cope and deal with people with it.......a good overview of the 'people' with dementia"
November 2021