Session Testimonials

Feedback from our awareness sessions is very important to us. Please read our latest feedback below.

Judy Taylor
".....because there isn't this valuable information anywhere else. Thank you"
April 2023
Oleg Ignatiev
"Didn't know about some signs, didn't know that every person was so different and that so much support was available"
April 2023
Helen Hollins
".....very informative & knowing you are not on your own"
April 2023
Lycenia Poustie
"Reassurance there are more people talking and trying to spread the word about dementia..."
March 2023
Laine Plant
"A clearer understanding of dementia with compassion and humility..."
March 2023
Sheryl Cater
"Lots of information learned that I was unaware of....."
March 2023
D. Poyner
"A very good insight to what to expect and what to be aware of....."
March 2023
Joanne Holder
"A very informative, helpful amd awareness of dementia...."
March 2023
Lynday Cullen
"Knowledge, advice, understanding....."
March 2023
"It was very interesting"
March 2023
Jamie hanlon
"fun, friendly evening......good for learning"
February 2023
Phil Heeley
"A good awareness of how to support and act with someone with dementia......It's important that we educate ourselves about this disease as it will affect so many of us"
December 2022
D Guthuridge
"Very good"
December 2022
Natasha Lee
"Lynn was clear, concise and so informative, patient and understanding with a very varied group....."
December 2022
Linsey Ann Boys
" know all about it"
December 2022