Session Testimonials

Feedback from our awareness sessions is very important to us. Please read our latest feedback below.

Memuna Ahmad
"Learning about's an eye opener...."
May 2022
Emma Goodall
"Really informative for life, not just for the workplace which is what brought me to the session....... Lynn You are an inspiration! given me an insight into a world I was previously unaware of or had very little knowledge of + a strategy + approach to use."
April 2022
"Great understanding and indepth information.......everyone should be aware...."
April 2022
Craig Stevens
"A better understanding of dementia and the way to act....."
April 2022
"Great to raise awareness and gain a better understanding."
April 2022
Louise Taylor
"Great information of awareness & things to look for & a good laugh....something everyone should know."
April 2022
Nigel Senton
"Learnt a lot, very interesting.....lots to learn."
April 2022
Steve Ferridge
"A much better understanding of amazing wealth of knowledge & experience shared in an extremely well presented & informative way by calling on personal experience. Excellent. Thank you"
April 2022
Michelle Woodhead
"It was really great to reinforce what I already knew through personal experience & to learn new things about dementia & tips.......It is good for everyone to be aware od dementia & how to handle different situations involving people with dementia. On a personal level the session has helped me a lot to know what I did for my late mother & mother in law was appropriate."
April 2022
Molly Woodhead
Learnt a lot about how to talk to/treat someone living with dementia to keep them happy......everyone should have a good awareness on how to respect someone with dementia and Lynne explains it really well using real life examples."
April 2022
Graham Chester
"A clearer understanding of what happens..... to make people more aware of symptoms"
April 2022
Cynnaman Church
"Lynn is so passionate and this comes across throughout the whole session. I definitely have a better understanding of the difficulties people face.......Very informative, still amazes me how many different types of dimentia there are."
April 2022
Chris Long
"Very informative....great insight to dementia."
April 2022
"The session was "real" true to life and factual based on real life is solid, factual awareness that cuts through the jargon."
April 2022
Chris Pascoe
"A very good understanding of dementia....the session was very informative and I would recommend doing this session to anyone."
April 2022